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The Creator's Anchorage

 Waypoint of Discovery



Belief in a Creator is instinctive.  Belief in a Creator...and only one, is a tenet of The Anchorage.  The course of nature demonstrates the existence of God....a Deity, and is recognized by many as Nature's God, a Deistic view, supported by The Anchorage.


The Anchorage offers a port, a personal church online, where you can honor your Creator anytime in the setting of your choice.  Explore the links below and study the beliefs of many, including Abraham Lincoln and America's Founding Fathers.....John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and in Thomas Paine's book, The Age Of Reason.   Belief in a Creator based on personal revelations, not the revelations of others, is the hallmark of many "individualists" in the world today.  The Anchorage will appeal more to those who do not subscribe to any mainstream religions and while there is no plankowner program, there is a forum available for those who would like to discuss what history teaches us.


Anchorage Mission:


To establish a harbor, your personal church online, where you are encouraged to pursue your own spiritual path in a personal way, offering websites that further man's knowledge of the history of religion, the history of the bible, and a myriad of other subjects, while offering a forum for discussions.  Carl Sagan's wife was once asked, "Didn't Carl want to believe"?  She replied, "He wanted to know".   See links below:




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Anchorage Structure:


The Creator's Anchorage is organized under a set of By-Laws consisting of Articles I thru VI, and includes the establishment of the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, and President, of which the Pastor is the President.  It is a non-profit organization and is designed to meet the IRS 14 requirements to establish church status.


The Creator's Anchorage             George Henne

West Singing River Isle                 Pastor-Skipper

P.O. Box 1067                                Ordained Minister

Gautier, Miss.  39553                    Office S/V Bayou Belle

                                                       Ph. 228-219-1237



Quote For Pondering:

"If at some period in the course of civilization we find that our science and our religion are antagonistic, then there must be something wrong with either our science or with our religion."

         Havelock Ellis (1859-1939)  -- English Physician and Psychologist



The Creator's Anchorage actively supports cancer research foundations...those engaged in stem cell research (non-embryonic), also The Stephen Hawking Foundation, The Carl Sagan Foundation and the Henne Coastal Laboratories Foundation.







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